Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Style is what you make of it.

   Growing up watching my older sister dressing up and follow fashion trends inspired me to do the same. I remember when I was about five years old we would pretend to be super models, dress up, and have photo shoots. As we got a little older it wasn’t as fun for my sister anymore. By the time I was in middle school I started taking her make up and clothes with out asking. I would sneak out different outfits to school so I can look just as cool as she did. It was fun and oh so exciting.
    Like anything else my style has grown and changed for the good through out my life. I believe that stye is what you make of it. I love thinking of new ideas and different ways to put an outfit together. I love playing with colors, patterns and all different types of accessories. I do like to follow certain trends as long as it looks good on me. I don't believe in wearing something that is not flattering just because its trendy. I have an issue with letting go of things, anything. I’ve seen certain trends always come back around and I get so mad when I've donated clothes and shoes that are still wearable with current styles. I also have an issue with shopping. I’ve tried to keep it under control but its impossible. I’ve gone almost two months at a time with out buying anything but then the moment I hit the mall I end up over spending. It’s horrible, so I stick to what I know best. I shop randomly and purchase different items that are usually on sale and I save it for that “next event”. I hate shopping last minute for an outfit nothing ever turns out the way you want it and you end up spending so much money on an item as a last resort.
    I pretty much shop everywhere I think every store and brand deserves a chance as long as its within my price range. Besides when you shop in different stores you never run into the issue of showing up to an event where someone else has the exact same outfit as you. That's a big NO NO in the fashion world, in a woman's world period. I remember in high school this girl that I didn’t even know wore the exact same dress that I had and never did I wear that dress again.
    I’ve decided to start this blog and express my feelings and knowledge about the fashion world. Hope you enjoy it and are able take something from it.


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