Monday, June 27, 2011

Beauty is part of your style

     Ive been using sugar scrubs since the beginning of 2009 when I first found out I was pregnant with my son. I wanted to make sure that I didn't get stretch marks and this for me at least helped out a lot, along with other products. At first I was only using it strictly on my belly. Then after I had my son I started to use it all over my mid section and my butt, then I moved down to my legs and now I use it all over my body. I realized for me this was the best option to exfoliate my skin and keep it moisturized since I don't like putting on lotion after taking a shower. Since I was using so much of it and often I realized I was running out of it quick. So I decided to make my own, save some cash and trips to the store. And it leaves your skin soooo soft and smooth my husband loves it.

What you will need: a jar with a lid
                                  sugar ( I used brown sugar but any kind will do)
                                  almond oil (local GNC)

      Fill the jar up with sugar then start to poor in the oil, you will see that you don't need to use up a lot of oil, mix it really good and you're done. I use it every night after I'm don't showering only because I don't like putting on lotion before bed. Grab it in small amounts and work in onto your skin in circular motion going clockwise. You can use it as often as you feel necessary and don't forget your knees, elbows, and ankles. Please make sure to rub it on gently, you don't want to cause any redness or irritate the skin. Enjoy!!!



  1. thank you for this great post. I love sugar scrubs but I hate having to buy one every month since my roommate and I are obsessed with it. After Im done with this last one I just bought Im going to save the jar and make my own. thanks again!

  2. You're very welcome I LOVE sugar scrubs. I tried a salt scrub once and while using it I didn't realize I had a cut on my leg and it burned. So I stick to just sugar. I'm going to look into other ingredients I can add to it to perfect it! But so far I'm content with what I have. :)