Monday, July 18, 2011


I'm doing my 1st giveaway!!! I'm extremely excited, I hope you all like it and join in the fun. I put together these really cute summer items that some you can definitely carry on into the fall!! 
Its a value of almost $100 absolutely free!!!

1. Neutrogena wet skin recommended one of the best sunscreen to try out for the summer by 
2. Jergens natural glow daily moisturizing lotion.

3. Too faced peach leopard brightening & perfecting bronzer. ( I use my bronzer as a blush)

4. L'oreal 823 bronzes eyeshadow palette. The gold and the bronze color are perfect for the right now. The cream and brown color are perfect for this fall.
5. Sephora water proof eye makeup remover.

6. Sephora by O.P.I - this long-lasting, chip-resistant polish is free of DBT, toluene and formaldehyde and comes in this trend setting pink color.

7. Smashbox bronzer. 

8. Tarte lights, camera, splashes! waterproof mascara black. 
9. Sephora Nano eye pencil in midnight black.

10. Evolution of smooth 100% natural 95% organic lip balm in summer fruit, comes highly recommended by Ninyabella

11. Hot Topic neon yellow nail polish. One of my favorite for Summer, Fall and Winter.  Also a favorite for singer Katie Perry and actress AnnaLynne McCord.

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You must leave a comment telling me one of your fashion or beauty tip/trick.
You must be 18 and up.
One comment allowed per entry.

Example: My fashion tip/trick are safety pins I use them to hold up a strapless shirt/dress to my bra so it stays in place. Your tip/trick could be anything!!! 

**Update: Ive been informed some followers are having issues posting a comment so as long as you are showing up as a follower you can email me your tip/trick and I will count it as your entry, this is if and only if you are not able to post the comment**

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This giveaway ends 7/25/11 at midnight.

Next Tuesday I will announce the winner. I will pick the top 5 best tip/trick and fairly raffle those names to pick a winner. Please keep an eye out when I announce the winner I will be needing contact info. In advance thank you for entering.

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  1. My beauty trick is when i blow dry my hair and i want it to last in this hot weather i use a product called dominican magic (dominicanmagic\facebook). I use the leave in conditioner and the straightener cream with the flat controls frizz and protects your hair from the heat. However if you can't find the product you can use any product that protects you from the heat and doesn't leave it frizzy. I do rollers, blow dry and then use the flar iron. My key tip is when i go to bed i wrap my hair around with NO bobby pins and put a hair for me and will work for you

  2. Ahhhh I want all of it! Lol My beauty tip/trick is for ladies with oily skin who have bold bangs. To avoid your bangs from greasing up because of your forehead, dont apply foundation to your forehead. Only apply it from your eyebrows down. Apply a translucent power on your forehead to soak up all the unwanted oil!

  3. Yes! I think I just want the neon yellow polish! Okay so I'm crazy about exfoliating and moisturizing all over. But I have a huge obsession with my lips. I think because they tend to dry easily. I keep this under control by exfoliating my lips regularly. 1/2 teaspoon of honey mixed with 1/2 teaspoon of sugar, add a drop or two of olive oil for moisture. Before bed, rub on the your lips for a min or two. Top with your favorite lip balm.

  4. This great tip was emailed to me by Michelle:

    If you're like me and have problems applying your typical eyeliners, use a good quality eyeliner brush with a good quality eyeshadow in a dark color, like chocolate or black. I like to wet the brush to make it smoother to apply and less mess. To make it last longer, use a good eye primer too!

  5. My beauty trick/tip is great for the summertime when the weather is crazy and it seems like a primer doesn't want to keep my make up on my face. So what is it, well I mix my facial powder with my setting powder and buff it into my skin using a dense stippling brush. I don't know why or how but for whatever reason this sets my makeup and doesn't make it smudge off of my face!

    Lovely contest girl!

  6. I have to have that polish! I love it!
    My beauty tip/ trick is using concealer to achieve a perfect nude lip, brow bone highlight, and keeping a bold lip in place.
    -For a perfect nude like apply concealer to your lips and then add your favorite clear or nude type gloss on top.
    -For a highlight, fill and shape in your brows and then apply concealer to the brow bone and blend for an instant lift!
    -And for the perfect bold lip, line your lips with a pencil then fill them in with your favorite bold lipstick. Then place a little concealer on your cupids bow and around your lips so the color doesn't bleed and stays in place all day long.

  7. I just want to give thanks to all of those that have participated so far. OMG these are all great tips/trick. I'm having so much fun reading them, I hope more keep coming. SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!

  8. Two words: coconut oil, I use it on mu cuticles and my nails come out super shiny and healthy looking(sometimes I don't wear nail polish), I use it in my hair because I have coarse textured hair with no chemicals and coconut oil makes it shiny and soft. I also use it on the bottom of my feet with socks because it make them very soft. Thanks to ms.ninyabella for the heads up on this give away, I've never used bronzer( can darker skintones use bronzer without looking weird?) ciao ladies

  9. @ Angrily Anonymous, of course you can use bronzer!!! Your skin will have like a natural glow are you kidding me it would look absolutely amazing on you I'm sure. The trick is not to over do it on the powder brush, dip the brush into it blow away any excess and gently apply the bronzer on your cheeks, nose, chin, forehead and then lightly all over. I use bronzer as a blush on my cheeks because if I put it all over my face it looks like I have a really bad tan.

  10. I have long color treated slightly wavy hair. I really like Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask for a deep conditioner/intensive repair treatment. It makes the hair so smooth and smells so nice.

  11. This tip emailed from Yuri:

    I have long color treated slightly wavy hair. I really like Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask for a deep conditioner/intensive repair treatment. It makes the hair so smooth and smells so nice.

  12. This tip from closet revealed:

    - If you're like me a suffer from dry, crackly lips (I blame the dry weather in Texas), (and this is going to sound weird) you can actually use a soft bristled toothbrush and apply lotion onto the brush, then use it to softly exfoliate the dry parts of your lips. Then, before bed, apply lots of chap stick onto your lips and you should wake up with soft lips. I guess you could even use {Ambar's} concoction with the toothbrush too :)

    - I also have really fine, thin hair that tends to look limp in the summer heat, so I apply Marc Anthony's Instantly Thick volumizing cream into my hair after taking a shower when my hair is damp. With the product in my hair, it instantly volumizes and thickens 3x more than normal when I blow dry my hair. It works WONDERS, I promise!

  13. I know every girl has those days when you HAVE to paint your nails and toes but are in a rush and dont have those extra minutes to make sure your nail or toes are completely dry ... well to help prevent them from getting damaged I apply a little bit of baby oil over the nail polish and it looks like they automatically dry. I guarantee you would never have to repaint them after applying baby oil! This is a great trick I like to use on my 2 year old niece so she can have perfect cute toes. lol

  14. When I run out of eye make up remover I use vaseline ... believe it or not it works just as good as eye make up remover. It'll also save you a couple of bucks!

  15. I get creative with my makeup and I found something that I love doing to my eyes when I go out at night. Instead of using mascara I'll comb loose bronze powder on my lashes. It's a perfect sexy look for the night. The sparkle in the bronze and the night lights is a great combination you wont regret!!!

  16. emailed from Chantel: My beauty tip is especially for summer since we have these extremely hot days in Florida. I like to use a hydrating toner instead of moisturizer. I love it because it keeps my skin balanced and it wont look greasy like a moisturizer would through out the hot day. Then in winter I switch it back to a moisturizer due to the whether change.