Monday, July 11, 2011

A look into the 40's

   Saturday night my husband and I went out to celebrate our friend Maria's birthday. She decided it was going to be themed 1940's. I wore a high collard teal-green blouse with bishop sleeves from Forever 21, a black pencil skirt from Express, Very Wang for Kohls slingback, a thrifted/vintage clutch, a feathered head piece I got at my local flea market and very simple jewelry; pearl earrings with pearl bracelets. My eye make up I kept very soft with a the classic liquid eye liner, but I used a gel instead and applied it with an eye angle brush. Since my make up was very soft I wanted my lips to pop so I used the color Euphoria from Covergirl. For my hair I followed simple instructions from Elegantly amused you tube video and it came out perfect. Enjoy!

 The famous stand, courtesy of Ninyabella.

 photography by Joel