Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ombre Highlights

 Ombre Highlights

"This super-bohemian color trend drifted into town like a laid-back surfer girl and swiftly kicked to the curb the cardinal rule of hair color: never let them see your roots. Its signature slow-fade of rich, dark brown up top, and bright sun-kissed tips perfectly suited the easygoing vibe of poster girls Jessica Biel and Rachel Bilson."  Instyle Hair special issue spring/summer 2011

I got my Ombre Highlights done about a month or so ago and I absolutely love it! I did lots of research on it before I brought it up to my friend Esther who it also my hairstylist. I looked through several  video's on you tube to see the technique being used and printed a picture of Lauren Conrad (as a brunette) along with these instructions from her blog the beauty department and a picture of Minka Kelly to take in for inspiration. If you're in the mood for a change and you don't want to do a full die job or old school highlights that you have to keep up with, well this is the perfect look. 

If you're in my area and you are looking into getting this look you can go to Shear Art Salon & Spa contact them through email set up and appointment with Esther and let her know I sent you for a discount. I absolutely love my ombre highlights, I'll be keeping this look for a while. Enjoy! 



  1. Hmmm...I'm actually going to Esther next week. I like this. Maybe I'll get this done. However, in all the pics the girls have their hair wavy. Not sure how it would look on dead straight hair.

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