Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Marble water nails.

    So a couple weeks back my friend Marcela came over to hang out and she showed me this really cool way to do marble nails with water. She saw a video on you tube tried it at home had much success, so she tried it on me. I loved it!!!! It was super easy, fun and it came out awesome. Enjoy!!!!

My hand before. 
Marcela's hand before.

 We cleaned off any excess polish with nail polish remover, then she taped around the nail that was going to get the marble on. My ring finger on both hands. Prep the nails with a base coat and painted both my ring finger with the base color.

The colors I choose were Revlon stormy for my base on all my nails (not in the picture), Revlon Emerald, Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet, and Revlon Vintage. Which are perfect colors for the fall.

Poured lukewarm water in a plastic cup.

Checked the drippage. You want to make sure you have good dripping action from the colors going into the water.  Newer polishes have the best drippage. We tested all three colors.

Dropped in all three colors one after another in order of dark light dark. 

She then grabbed a toothpick and went through the colors to mixed them up. 

Then she grabbed my ring finger and dipped it into the polish all the way blew on the excess color to dry it off and with the toothpick cleaned off all the excess color around my finger.

Once completely dry she removed the tape and colored the rest of my nails with the base color and a top coat. 

Marcela's colors: Petites Mystical, Sally Hansen Blue Me Away, Revlon Stormy, Nicole by OPI One Less Lonely Glitter (she didn't have time to do this color  but it turned out great anyways).

Drip check! Perfect.

She only wanted to use two colors instead of three.

This was a cute heart she made by accident.

This was all the excess polish surrounding the finger that she removed once she dipped her finger in the water. Very important to blow and remove the excess color.

Marcela's after, doesn't it look great? Absolutely gorgeous.

My after!! I love it!!

Here are some video's I found on you tube, and there a lot more. Hope you've enjoyed let me know if you get to try it out.





  1. So cool, definately think I'll try it out!

    -Imani Love