Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tim Gunn!

   I missed out on FNO, but I was not about to miss Tim Gunn. He came out yesterday to give us Floridians some tips on how to look fab for the Fall. Juicy couture, Lucky Brand, and Kate Spade were the three stores that participated in the fashion show. I've never been to a fashion show but this show was more of a teaching fashion show. Both Tim and Leah his co-host interacted with the models and gave their different point of views on each outfit. I enjoyed every single moment I hope you enjoy the pictures and that they allow you to feel like you were there too. Enjoy!


 Kate Spade

 LOVE these shoes!

 Juicy, LOVE this outfit!
 I want this bag!
 They striped her down to the dress to show layering.

 Same idea here with the vest.

 Love this entire outfit!

I love the detailed gold zipper on the bottom. 

 Leah picked Ashley to come up on stage to show how this Juicy jacket can work with her outfit.
 She saw her opportunity and took it!

 Lucky Brand

 Hmm, Brandon.

 I want this blouse! Love the color.

 All three brands mixed.
 LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this bag.

 Tim was explaining how the Lucky Brand t-shirt paired with the jacket and skirt gave it a casual look but still very chic and put together.

 Tim said he is very much aware that this dress is very short so for those that feel the same he would just throw on a pair of black tights.

 I love it!

 The inside of this trench designed by Kate Spade was lined with the New York city transit map. LOVE!
I'm a fuchsia kinda girl!

 The finale.

Me, I had so much fun! 


  1. Very cool! I saw the "pea coat" bag at the Kate Spade outlet yesterday in Ellenton. It's really cute.